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Stones - Trigger Point

Did you know that proper Stone Therapy technique virtually eliminates stress and strain on therapist’s hands, wrists, and arms? Proper body mechanics is essential in protecting your wrists and hands. The hand and body position will be the same whether working with basalt or marble but the pressure and pace will vary. The stones and thermal variation do all the heavy work for you!

The size of the stone will vary depending upon the size of the client, the area you are working on and the size of your hand. When getting involved in more specific techniques, your hand position and the size of the stone become more important. The proper size stone will allow you to work with less effort and sense through the stone better.

When working with stones you should never squeeze them and ideally when releasing the pressure from the stone it should drop out of your hand. This will insure the least amount of effort and fatigue on your body. Remember, therapists using stone therapy work more efficiently for longer periods of time. Plus, the effects of Stone Therapy on a client lasts ten times longer than traditional massage!


Contributed by Bruce Baltz of Spiriphysical