Educate Your Staff & Clients

Stones - Arched in Water

There are many interpretations of stone massage, some great and some not so great. With a well-trained therapist, the difference between great and not so great is very often tied to the description of the service your client thinks they will be receiving. The general population and some times even massage therapists only think of stone massage being stone placements and gentle massage strokes. The problem with this is that there are many bodyworkers, to their credit, that have brought their own twist into the stone massage world.

When you work in a spa and have a client that has experienced stone massage before and your menu has a similar description they think it will be somewhat the same and when that does not happen you may have an unhappy patron. Therefore, the description of the treatment has to be very specific.

As the craft of stone massage goes through its changes, we need to make things more concise and easier to understand and this should start at the front desk. Although most employees that work at the front desk have a basic knowledge of the treatments and massage in general, you can better serve their efforts by giving them simplified and pinpointed treatment descriptions.

Contributed by Bruce Baltz of Spiriphysical