7 Things To Know About Cold Stone

Marble Grouping

There are several things to consider when introducing chilled marble stones to your client: You should be able to explain to your client the importance of cool/cold stones in a manner that they can understand You should speak with conviction and confidence; keep in mind that you are providing a value added experience to your…

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Educate Your Staff & Clients

Stones - Arched in Water

There are many interpretations of stone massage, some great and some not so great. With a well-trained therapist, the difference between great and not so great is very often tied to the description of the service your client thinks they will be receiving. The general population and some times even massage therapists only think of…

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Basic Safety Reminders

Stones - Safety

First and foremost the Client is in control. A client should be informed at the beginning of the stone session that they are always in full control of the temperature of the stones and how that temperature is affecting/supporting their body. A client must feel confident that they can request that the therapist adjust the…

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Yin-Yang Of Heat and Cold

Stones - Hot Cold Tower

Short-term heated stones moving along tissue, over muscle and limbs generate a sympathetic response in the body initially, lasting up to one minute, with a single application of heated stones. Short-term chilled stones moving along tissue, over muscle and limbs generate a sympathetic response in the body initially, by continuously bringing in fresh chilled stones…

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Extend Your Career

Stones - Trigger Point

Did you know that proper Stone Therapy technique virtually eliminates stress and strain on therapist’s hands, wrists, and arms? Proper body mechanics is essential in protecting your wrists and hands. The hand and body position will be the same whether working with basalt or marble but the pressure and pace will vary. The stones and…

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Brief History of Stones in Ancient Practice

Stones - History Photo

Many people find it fascinating to learn that stones are used for healing and soothing purposes around the world. There are several ancient and modern examples of how diverse cultures incorporate the stones in their everyday lives. The healing women of the Mapuche tribes in Chile used black stones in their healing and divination work.…

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Stone Therapy: Not Just A Modality

Stones - Hands On Demo

Many people do not understand the benefits of stone massage and have never experienced the deep healing provided by a session. They have experienced Swedish massage or a similar traditional therapy, but may not know how wonderful and therapeutic a stone massage actually is. Traditional Swedish massage and Shiatsu have a lot to offer. They…

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Best Cold Stone To Use


So what is the best stone to use in your cold stone therapy? One natural element stands out above all others. It’s not only beautiful to look at, but comes in any shape and color you can image. It’s marble! While marble feels cool to the touch, it is actually the same temperature as the…

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Top 3 Reasons to Use Cold Stone


An interesting fact; the body heals by change; therefore it is time we start to challenge our bodies on an internal systems level and not just on an overall structural level. Over 75% of hot stone massage therapists do not use cool or cold stones in their treatments but that is starting to change. Hot…

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Basalt Stone – Why It’s Perfect For Hot Stone Massage


There are many different types of stones that can be used to deliver heat during a stone therapy treatment, but basalt stone is among the most effective and the most common. Basalt is a volcanic stone that is found along river bottoms or washed up along seashores. The most effective Basalt stones are the ones…

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