Basic Safety Reminders

Stones - Safety

First and foremost the Client is in control. A client should be informed at the beginning of the stone session that they are always in full control of the temperature of the stones and how that temperature is affecting/supporting their body. A client must feel confident that they can request that the therapist adjust the temperature of the stones to fit their comfort level at all times.


Second a complete and in-depth Client Information Form must always accompany any stone session. Without understanding the health and constitution of the client receiving a stone session a therapist cannot choose the correct temperatures and duration of time temperature is offered to the body, nor can the therapist determine what modality to use during the stone session.


Third a therapist should check in with the client several times throughout the stone session to be sure that the client’s comfort level is being met and at no time should a therapist allow a client to sleep through any stone placement layouts without first checking in to make absolutely sure the stones are not too hot for the client in that particular area of their body.


Contributed by Mary Nelson, Founder of LaStone Therapy