7 Things To Know About Cold Stone

Marble Grouping

There are several things to consider when introducing chilled marble stones to your client:

  • You should be able to explain to your client the importance of cool/cold stones in a manner that they can understand
  • You should speak with conviction and confidence; keep in mind that you are providing a value added experience to your client
  • You should know the proper application
  • You should also be aware of which part of the body is most sensitive to cold


It is up to you to explain the benefits in a manner that the client will understand. When starting with a new client or trying to make the transition with marble stones, the introduction has to be gradual in order to build confidence. Your client may be hesitant at first, so to start out with as little resistance from them as possible, you can start off with something simple such as a pillow stone. Even if you are not using cold stones all throughout your session, a cool stone at the base of the neck will feel great. When clients have a strong resistance to cooler temperatures, make sure the stones you apply to their body are not too cold. It is important to bring in balance since it is what our body needs and deserves.


Three additional points to consider when applying cool stones:

  • The client should be exhaling when you first apply the cool stones
  • When the stones first make contact, press firm and do not move them until the client has adjusted to the temperature change
  • And adjust the pressure according to your clients response


Contributed by Bruce Baltz of Spiriphysical