Stone is the medium and Temperature is the Message

Temperature Equals Energy - Applications of either heated or chilled stones produce a series of internal responses. Working with temperatures acts as a derivative. This decreases blood and lymph from an area by increasing blood and lymph to another area. It is important to understand these responses in order to determine the course a treatment should follow. Two of the main responses are tonic and its reverse, Atonic. If you choose to use heated stones only, end the treatment with a vigorous application of chilled stones to maintain the reaction of tonifying. (See terminology below).

Applying/massaging with both short and then long-term applications of chilled therapy is called Active Hyperemia. The superficial constriction of the skin (short term), and the vasodilatation of the skin (long term), relieves congestion and blockages in both the internal organs and the muscle fibers. This can create lasting relief for many days, with the possibility for total alleviation of congestion, trigger points or blocked areas in their body.

The primary action of prolonged application of heated stones to a reflex area causes passive dilation of the blood vessels of the related organ. When incorporating LaStone Therapy principles in a treatment, one must fully understand the ways of Hydrotherapy. The use of heated stones to an isolated area will pull blood from the reflex organ to the tissue of that region. The result will be warm flushed skin (hyperemia). This often opens doors for you as a therapist to work even deeper on those impenetrable trigger points and tense muscles.

A prolonged application of heated stones followed by a brief application of chilled stones causes dilation and constriction of blood vessels and increases white blood cells to a given area. Alternating between both temperatures in a massage will support your efforts to bring down inflammation and to stop congestion, thus making this treatment invaluable in chronic and acute cases.

The primary action of short application of chilled stones to a reflex area causes active dilation of the blood vessels in the related organs. This has an immediate numbing effect, thus reducing the discomfort, which accompanies strains, sprains, fractures, and contusions, and reducing fluid build-up in body tissues. When chilled stones are used in isolated areas, the body tries to reheat itself. The body's internal environment wants to remain relatively constant (homeostasis); using chilled stones is also a Heating Treatment. The secondary action of the use of chilled stones is to rehabilitate injuries and chronic muscle spasm. The chilled stones help to speed your client's return to normal activity. What is not commonly known is that using chilled stones in a massage increases range of motion and stimulates muscles and the nervous system.

With all that is going on within the body's systems it is vital that you encourage your client to drink water before a LaStone session, preparing their body for the removal of unwanted inflammation and toxicity that might be causing some of their discomfort. This intake of water prior to a geo-thermal-therapy session or any massage treatment is so important for the success of the treatment. If the body is working overtime to process the information of the massage and the temperatures being applied, then the kidneys, liver and all systems of the body are in desperate need of hydration. The only real way to hydrate the body is with pure water.