Rosewood - 0.5 OZ

Rosewood - 0.5 OZRosewood - 0.5 OZ
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Rosewood - 0.5 OZ

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Pure Essential Oil


Ingredients: 100% Pure Rosewood Essential Oil

Product Highlights:

  • Refresh The Mind
  • Ease Depression
  • Calm Anxiety
Rosewood is known as a natural anti-depressant that balances and soothes the central nervous system. Renown for its anti-anxiety properties, Rosewood is also a good oil to encourage concentration and enhance meditation. Rosewood's sweet and pleasing aroma produces an uplifting, warm and happy atmosphere when diffused. Diffuse Rosewood to reduce stress and nervous tension and create a balanced atmosphere. Rosewood is an excellent tool in the treatment of headaches. Rosewood is a wonderful oil for use in any skin care formulations as it rejuvenates and regenerates skin cells and adds a smooth and pleasing aroma. These same rejuvenating properties make Rosewood wonderful for creating skin elasticity and aiding in reduction of stretch marks and scars. Reduce oily skin and acne or balance dry skin and itching with Rosewood powerful properties. These same balancing properties smooth wrinkles and smooth mature skin. Rosewood's sweet aroma aids in nausea and vomiting. Rosewood's anti-viral makes it an excellent oil in stimulating the immune system. Rosewood's anti-fungal properties fight bacteria and aid in colds, fever and flu. Some use the sweet and sassy aroma of Rosewood as an aphrodisiac. Rosewood is precious as a single note or try in combination with Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, and Cedarwood.