Rosemary - 0.5 OZ

Rosemary - 0.5 OZRosemary - 0.5 OZ
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Rosemary - 0.5 OZ

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Pure Essential Oil


Ingredients: 100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil

Product Highlights:

  • Ease Muscle Soreness
  • Fight Infection
  • Focus
Rosemary is one of the most useful essential oils due to its potent, penetrating nature. Rosemary enhances concentration and memory and is a stimulating oil for both topical and diffuser use. Balance the mind and refresh and enhance your memory with Rosemary Essential oil. Rosemary has numerous antiseptic properties and rejuvenates skin, scalp, and hair follicles. Add a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner and leave on hair to increase hair growth and improve the overall health of your hair. Rejuvenate skin follicles to awaken and renew your skin. Rosemary is particularly good for stimulating circulation and for the relief of muscular pain. Relieve the body of muscle stiffness and soreness and aid in cramping of the muscles. Rosemary is an excellent oil in balancing the body and mind. Rosemary may assist in stimulating the metabolism and aid in weight loss relieving the body of water retention. Rosemary aids in chronic fatigue balancing the body. Rosemary's versatility makes it a useful oil in colder months stimulating circulation to extremities. Rosemary's was widely used in ancient times to ward of plagues and infections. Rosemary can be used as a single note or combines well with Lavender, Clary Sage, Sweet Orange, and Pine Needle.