Nine Rules of LaStone Therapy 

KEY POINT: There are 9 rules in LaStone therapy. Trust in them and follow them to the letter. Also bear in mind that one stroke with a stone is equivalent to ten with your hands - the temperature is there, so use it, and don't spend time trying to generate what you already have.

Heated Application
  • Introduce the basalt stones to the body with the back of your hands, demonstrating honor and respect for the stones and the client receiving the temperature.
  • Firm pressure with continuous movement to prevent burning the client.
  • Flip the stones every few seconds to prevent burning yourself and offering the warmest side of the stone to the client's body.

Chilled Application
  • Hold the cold stones directly over the isolate area of the body that needs attention.
  • Ask the client to "breathe". Apply firm pressure with NO MOVEMENT. HOLD AND WAIT for another breath or two.
  • Flip the stones and HOLD AND WAIT for another breath or two; then you can begin to move in an isolated area that requires the reduction of inflammation, congestion or blockages within the systems of the body.

Geo-Thermal Therapy
  • The use of heated stones.
  • The use of chilled stones.
  • The application of alternating temperatures via stones to bring about a chemical response within all systems of the body.

A Special Note from Mary Nelson:
Massage is an art that affects our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical being. We not only massage muscles and skin, but also affect every other aspect of the client with our touch. I feel it is the therapist's responsibility to be centered and clear in order to allow energies to flow through, so that the clients who are open to this type of bodywork will be able to receive the gifts of healing.