Marjoram - 0.5 OZ

Marjoram - 0.5 OZMarjoram - 0.5 OZ
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Marjoram - 0.5 OZ

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Pure Essential Oil


Ingredients: 100% Pure Marjoram Essential Oil

Product Highlights:

  • Calm Emotions
  • Unwind The Mind
  • Relieve Muscle Stiffness
Marjoram lends a distinct and comforting aroma to any blend. Marjoram is a strong sedative and is good for slowing down a worried mind. Easing a worried mind from anxiety and depression. Marjoram has a powerful effect on the circulatory system and has been known to lower blood pressure when used topically. Use Marjoram to help ease aching muscles and pains. Marjoram's calming effect can be great to easing stress, headache and migraines. Add a few drops of Marjoram to a hot bowl of water and cover head with a towel while closing your eyes and inhale Marjoram's healing aroma to ease bronchitis, dry cough and sinusitis. Marjoram's soothing nature may reduce ones excessive sexual drive. These same soothing properties may ease pains associated with menstrual cycle. Marjoram may also regulate an irregular menstrual cycle. Marjoram is believed to aid the digestive system, aiding in digestive problems. Marjoram may ease flatulence and diarrhea or constipation. Marjoram's antiseptic nature is good for clearing mouth ulcers. These same antiseptic properties make Marjoram good for clearing bruises and aiding in the healing of wounds. Try it as a single note or with other herbal essential oils such as Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary or Clary Sage.