Mandarin Orange - 0.5 OZ

Mandarin Orange  - 0.5 OZMandarin Orange - 0.5 OZ
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Mandarin Orange - 0.5 OZ

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Pure Essential Oil


Ingredients: 100% Pure Mandarin Orange Essential Oil

Pure Pro Mandarin Orange essential oil is the finest the world has to offer. We bring in Mandarin Orange oils from Italy and Spain and combine them to produce a pure citrus masterpiece. If you like working with citrus oils, you must try our Mandarin Orange! It is bright and cheerful with a powerful sweetness that penetrates a blend and continues to evoke a powerful astringent note. Mandarin Orange is a great essential oil for those just starting out in Aromatherapy because it is bold enough to experiment with yet complimentary to so many other oils. Try it as a single note or combine with Cinnamon and Nutmeg as an invigorating blend or with Lavender and Rosewood as a soothing, relaxing blend.