Lemon Grass - 0.5 OZ

Lemon Grass - 0.5 OZLemon Grass - 0.5 OZ
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Lemon Grass - 0.5 OZ

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Pure Essential Oil


Ingredients: 100% Pure Lemon Grass Essential Oil

Product Highlights:

  • Freshen Air
  • Cleanse And Renew
  • Fight Skin Infection
Lemongrass oil is an anti-infection powerhouse. Diffuse it to combat sore throats, respiratory infections, and fevers. Or apply topically to fight conditions such as athlete's foot and common nail fungus. Lemongrass oil may help to fight skin infection such as acne. Renew a room with the powerhouse of lemongrass oil added to a spray bottle of water and sprayed throughout a room. Reduce common stress and fatigue by in-haling small amounts of lemongrass from a diffuser. Lemongrass may even ease excessive perspiration. Lemongrass may clean oily skin clearing out blackheads while tightening skin and pores. Some have used Lemongrass to treat bladder infections. Many use Lemongrass as an immune system booster with its powerful anti-bodies fighting against bacteria and infection. These same anti-bodies aid in reducing water retention and help cleans the digestive system of bacteria and infection. Lemongrass has been used to aid in loosening tight sore muscles. Use the powerhouse lemongrass to reduce cellulite and tighten skin while toning the skin. Our Lemongrass oil hails from Thailand where they have been steam distilling pure Lemongrass oil for centuries. Pure Pro Lemongrass essential oil is crisp and herbaceous, perfect on its own or combine with Lavender, Palmarosa, or Clary Sage.