100% Pure Basalt Stone... That's what we got!

Why does it matter?  Well, basalt stone has a mineral composition that lends itself to slow heat transfer.  What this means for a therapist is that basalt stones stay hotter longer, allowing you to offer more heat during a massage without changing out stones so often.  Basalt is the type of stones that the great majority of stones suppliers offer (including all our competitors).

Yet, it's more about just being pure basalt stone.  Don't get me wrong, the fact that we carry 100% basalt stone is critical.  We go far beyond that in our attention to quaility, our customer service and our quick order fulfillment (pretty much every order goes out within the same day... at the longest 1 business day).  We also offer something no one else does, education.  You see, we believe that it doesn't stop at just selling you a super high-quality stone set.  Education is key to becoming effective at stone massage and that's why we offer both online and offline educational options.  Click here for more details for workshops or here for online education.  

Test Results
You can download the test results for your viewing pleasure...  CLICK HERE