About TIR Massage Stone

"Hi, this is Chris Turley.  When we started in early 2005, we simply set out to provide high quality massage stone at a good price.  Over the years though our vision has shifted.  You see, it's about far more than just selling great stones with excellent customer service.  Our vision is much more expansive than that; what we do and why we exist is to enable you to become a highly effective stone massage therapist.  To make this a reality for you as a therapist, we continue to offer stone massage products second to none as well as online educational videos, training workshops and free resources designed to help you as a therapist.          

Something else that we discovered along the way is that what we offer is quite uncommon.  You see, we treat you like we would want to be treated (I know... how crazy is that!)  Unfortunately, many that come to us have experienced horrible customer service, poor quality and extremely slow order fulfillment from our competitors.  When you work with us, you'll experience the opposite of that and if there ever is an issue we take swift action to make it right.  We're here to make you happy! 

This adventure started because of my mom, Clarree.  One day back in 2004, she went to get a massage and noticed some familiar black stones and inquired as to why were they in a treatment room. When she was told that they were used for hot stone massage, she smiled, took a few to my dad, and explained what she had found. After looking on the internet, they both couldn't believe the exorbitant prices that were being charged for these stones by some, or the number of retailers out there that were misrepresenting their products and selling inferior grade stones at what seemed to be a ridiculously low price. Having been in the stone industry for decades, my dad knew that when it comes to basalt stones, you get what you pay for, and that he could offer an excellent product for a fair price.

My dad, Laurence, sought out experts in the massage therapy field who had extensive experience training spa and massage personnel how to use heated basalt stones in massage therapy. Working closely with these experts, we configured each stone set to possess the right quantity, size, shape and surface quality to perform any hot stone massage treatment.

The stones that we source and provide to our customers are true basalt stones, being volcanic in nature and are sourced from the beaches of South America. We work closely with our partners in South America to ensure that each stone is selectively chosen by hand at the source, shipped to our facility in Arizona, and then sorted again to provide the smooth surface quality needed to be placed against a clients skin. If the stones don't meet our strict requirements for massage grade stone, they are rejected. Once the stones are sorted, they are thoroughly cleaned and packaged in preparation for shipment. While we have grown over the years and many things have changed, one thing hasn't (and never will)... that's our committment to you as a therapist.  We're here to help you become very good at what you do!"
Best Regards,
Chris Turley